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What Is Dithered?
Dithered Is free to play Multiplayer Building And Survival Game For PC.

Free Version
Dithered Version 10.0 Has just been uploaded, and has so many changes including a Player Scanning Radar, Improvements to player movement, A new Sountrack Piece, many Bug Fixes And many Improvements to Gameplay. Download and view the change log to find out what has been added for Dithered Versions 10.0

How to Play
Once You have Downloaded the Game,
Unzip The File Using 7Zip Or WinRar. Look for and Install UE4PrereqSetup_x64, This will install Pre-requisites so the game can run propely.
Once that has happend, click on Dithered To Start Playing the game.
Once you Get to The Login Screen you Can Create an Account here, Or Directly Through the game itself.

How to Get The Paid Version
First Click This Link to Login.... Once you Have Logged In , Click this link which will buy the game for "5 USD". The Link will take you to paypal. After, your account will be registered as a a paid account.

Paid Users are given a special ability. Any Items,buildings, they place in the game will Not Be Deleted When Logging Out of the game.